Your Concisous Connection to God

It’s been made the defining lines for many of faith… Ancient healing practices being brought back to modern times now called “new age”. If you elect to believe you can connect to God, you may find yourself without a church. There is nothing new under the sun, and the “ancients” we’re closer to the time of God than our cureent 2,000+ years of distance. I absolutley believe that some things just get twisted & muddled over time.

For modern day Christians to write off the conscious & subconscious connection between themselves & God is a gross misrepresentation of the essence of faith at its core! To believe that a black or white reality of God & His creations is simply compartmentalized is to be living in the avoidance of the Holy Spirit. God, having loved us enough to make sure that we always had a connection to His all loving, all knowing, and all present self, left us the Holy Spirit to keep us connected. To believe you yourself, as a Christian, cannot obtain any connection to God with any of your senses is further proof of the water down “religion” that churches are passing around. He simply made it harder to see & experience as He distances Himself for those who chose to ruin His goodness.
Mediation & prayer are often quoted in the Bible. Paul rattled on for an entire book, Acts, maybe you’ve heard of t? He spoke of the conscious & the baptism of the Spirit as if it were tangible; experienced by all who truly believe. Then Paul went on to Romans with deep philolosphy that requires deep mediation & prayer to fully grasp his teachings.

The most interesting though is that overlapping belief structures. We, as in today’s modern culture, has torn our world apart into a “multiverse”. Everything is compartmentalized into broken down smaller parts, allowing a very meager understanding of anything.

God made a UNIVERSE! All things working together in UNISON! To segregate any aspect of it from skin color to health & Faith is a gross abuse of God’s divine design. As if man was more knowledgeable than God.

It’s yoru intention that changes your tool. Be sure to guard your heart & mind. While only 10% of our brain is used consciously, the other 90% is making yoru body function. The great news is that we don’t have to spend most of our conscious mind thinking to blink. HOwever, occassionally we do. We bring it to consicousness. The mind is one…not two parts. Your consicous conneciton is your thinking & non-thinking core. What you chose to focus on is your intention. Medication, prayer, praise, oils, emotional release, etc. is simply the tools.

God has called you, in the Spirit, to Him!


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