You Are Smart! 

“You [are] Smart! You [are] Kind! You [are] Important.” – Katheryn Stockett

I’m rather appalled by the biggest, ignored, unrecognized, abuse scandal out there today: “you don’t know 💩 [crap] if you didn’t go to school for it.” 

Discrediting people’s knowledge, experience, faith, and intuition simply because they were not formally educated in an institution by another formally trained instituted person is a form of abuse to control. Now the FDA is teaming up to help you, the common person, understand the verbiage & terminology as if you’re an illiterate peasant. 

This form of abuse, where one discredits another of their intellect, their beliefs, their power has been created to control the masses & infiltrated into our everyday interactions with one another creating biggest disrespect issues we have seen to date, and are resourcing a powerful movement in our society in the most destructive ways.  

HOWEVER, do not let me give credit to those who don’t understand the English language past the fundamentals of elementary reading. The lack of in depth education that occurs today at the higher levels is appalling as well and is the abuse form of neglect! 

Reading alone will not create a literate society. The new illiteracy rates are not due to a lack of ones phonetic ability to read. It is a lack of in depth comprehension of the many facets, definitions, and uses of the language. You are not a cave person. We are not raising cave people! “See Dick run,” is not the end of the language compression. 

They, the Haves, the Hosts, CANNOT take away your power, your knowledge, or your faith unless you freely, consciously, willingly give it to them! – You are smart enough to educate yourself! The owers that be are not the sole ownership of the “right knowledge”. 

If you’re still stuck, come here! I’ll help break down some Emily Dickenson & show you the true power of the English language 🙂 


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