The Root Of Optimal Wellness

Now, I’m a pretty health conscious person. I literally love acupuncture, believe in alternative care like chiropractic, and know there’s a time & place for mainstream medical. However, I was sick of hearing old adages about strengthening my immunity with no results. 

After spending close to a year trying to find the root of true immunity & wellness and spending a week teaching a very detailed class on enzymes & their vital role to our existence, I’m rather overcame with heartache that there are so many things we are told but have never the full truth. And I am compelled to share with you. 

Bottom line: God made a universe not multiverse. Even or bodies, everything works in unison NOT on separate plains just along side one another. 

Enzymes, which come from a predominately raw food nutrient dense diet (75% plus of raw fruits, veggies, & meats), or via supplementation. Enzymes are the catalyst to EVERY function in our body. When consumed from raw organic local foods we get a balance of vitamins, minerals, & enzymes which are all actually codependent if each other. Lots of water intake helps to activate enzymes. 

However, our Standard American Diet (SAD) has proven time & time again that we are depleted from the soil to the plate. Most of us consume 75% processed foods instead. 

Enzyme reactions are the “communication aids” between every thing from metabolic functions inside our cells, to blood & cell replenishment, immunity, inflammation response, to our hormones, our cognitive function, up to the most commonly known digestive wellness. 

With proper & adequate levels of enzymes our bodies are able to truly create a positive response even the ugliest inflammation, almost all common allergies, food sensitivities, pH imbalances, lung health, cholesterol imbalances and can maintain a healthy gut health. 

Aha! There it is! Did you catch it? Gut health became a growing trend & most everyone has heard of the one sided “probiotic” fix. Rarely had anyone been counseled or advised on their diet & the overarching lack of enzyme intake. 

However, since roughly 90% of the absorption of nutrients occurs in the intestinal track, it’s far more than just good bacteria verses bad bacteria. It’s not just a candida battle! If the breakdown of foods cannot occur, nutrients cannot be absorbed, which over long periods of time lead to the digestion system being backed up all the way to our stomachs! It also creates malabsorption related issues, and depletion of nutrition we need to function optimally. Most common signs plaguing our society & sweeping our nation even in young people is tired, exhausted, lack of motivation, sleep issues, weight management, & chronic headaches. Look up almost any condition & these are on the list of every one!

When the body can’t breakdown foods, cleanse & remove the toxins, it then has to find new ways to deal with waste & toxins it’s not able to eliminate in the natural flow of things. This builds up over time & eventually causes larger issues that send us home with more toxin intake as an only option. 

The considered founder of any new theory Dr. Edward Howell, stated we are all born with a set amount of enzymes. This is still the standing & accepted theory. This means, as we age & plague our diets with cooked & processed foods, we use up our enzyme supply faster causing slower digestion, slower metabolic rates and faster aging.

How are you getting your true health & wellness? Let’s face it, we don’t all have the resources to grow our own, shop the local farms, or even hit up the farmers market to meet our weekly demands. Food has also been removed from nutrition & followed the sad trend as other aspects of society & we eat based on our emotional state or attachments. 

So I ask again, how are you getting your best? I supplement! But be aware of pretty faced social media faces & various peers pushing a one size fits all fix! We are all different & unique. We also all eat as differently as we enunciate our words. I love the my choice because there are many options to meet the many broad spectrum choices I make 🙂 You can mix & match many enzymes to meet the different needs of different people. You’ll know you’re on the right path when natural energy, clarity, and sleep patterns return. 

Another easy way to help the body cleanse & digest is fasting. Fasting can be not eating after sunset u too sunrise (hence the word “break•fast”) or carefully not eating for a few days. *Always talk to your health are provider before choosing this endevour. But this rest allows the body to rest digestively & boost metabolic function, purging it of stagnant foods & toxin build up. 

Stop eating meat at dinner. Consuming your proteins in the day time, allows the digestion process & break down before you go to bed where your body switches over to  cleansing mode. That’s right! A better nights sleep, less digestive issues, & your body can do what’s it designed to do in your sleep, cleanse! 

Avoid enzyme inhibitors like wheat. Also are raw nuts & seeds, beans, most grains, and raw wheat germ too! Potatoes, peanuts, peas, lentils, egg whites… all these add up to… You got it! We have heard how diets high in proteins & starches are really unhealthy & hard on the digestive system. This is why! It stops the enzymes from working!!! Thus stopping digestion! (Anyone else hearing a little truth in that whole Paleo movement? Ugh!!!) And did you know that when your digestive track isn’t working, often times the worst sign is when you can’t drink 8 oz of water a day without feeling sick or like you are a ship at sea? These enzyme inhibitors also prevent adequate water absorption. 

Basic educational breakdown:

Wonderful summary:

Want to know more? Please feel free to ask on the comments below. 


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