Stop Your Autoimmune Disease Today!

I just finished watching the video series called Betrayal, covering the vast array of autoimmune diseases from causes to reversal or remission. 

“Remission? Like cancer?” Yes! A chronic disease does not have to be a death sentence or a life long open ended prescription &/or surgical plan. 

Did you know that autoimmune disease is a silent killer for 24-80 million Americans today? Did you know that autoimmune disease is the #1 fastest growing illness in America? 

“In 100 years (mostly last 30 years) 1:10,000 to 1:250”. Our genes haven’t changed so much that we’d see this kind of mutation, which it is not… yet….

The premise of this video series sounds simple: change your dietary lifestyle, refortify the body of missing nutrients, & exercise. Sounds so easy & old school, right?  

“I mean, I’m just saying here, if this was the fix wouldn’t the doctors know this & make these recommendations, first?”

By the time an individual has “clinical symptoms” they are often in the worst stages of their disease & will go through an average of about 6 physicians before they start to get answers. Those answers are often life long medications &/or surgery. A simple change in diet & supplementation take a little more effort & time to see the results an individual demands at this stage… thus, the lack of recommendations for such things. 

Due to the nature of autoimmune disease, it’s hard to truly distinguish if the deficiencies came first or the disease. However, the leading common factor amongst all autoimmune diseases is nutrient deficiencies, especially B vitamins, due to malabsorption which is caused by the inflammation resulting from the disease. Vicious cycle! 

“So, hey, umm, how are we supposed to then put our disease in remission, or ever reverse it?”


You will need to follow up with your HOLISTIC healthcare professional, preferably one specializing in autoimmune diseases. But you absolutely must stop the toxin overload! This means your cookware, food choices, cosmetics & personal care products. These ready to cheap products are full of xenohormones & xenoesteogens, and many other synthetic toxic chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system & hormone (not just sexual hormone) productions. They cause mass chaos & complete miscommunication through every function in our body. 

Did you know that we only eat about an average of 22 foods today in contrast to our ancestors who consumed roughly 1,000 different foods. Our diets are absolutely the key to our wellness! Always start with your diet. 

Even if you were to completely stop eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) & opted for a vast diversity of foods rich in root vegetables & fresh raw foods, you’d still need goo, quality supplementation to get you over the many depleted nutrients (vitamins & minerals & enzymes). 

When looking for good, quality, supplements, look for companies with a reputation that span over decades, like Young Living. Young Living has an unmatched quality & a very different supplementation line that can meet many different wellness goals in unique ways that no competitor has matched. 

A reputable supplemental company will not make disease claims or promises. A reputable supplement company will not promise you quick fixes or instantous changes. A reputable supplement company will not replace your meal & proper food intake. 

Look for wide range supplements as well as isolated nutrients like B & C. 

Exercise. This is the hardest part when you are in chronic pain & a complete state of exhaustion. Motivation may be strong but the body just can’t get up & go. Once you start to feel the positive effects of dietary changes, and the fortification of quality supplementation, start light & small, like walking after meals, or taking the stairs when you are presented with the choice. Low impact yoga, and trampoline jumping. 

When making the change, also pamper yourself with a well deserved lymphatic massage 😉 

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