Fake v Real Essential Oil

*** DISCLAIMER: I do not brand bash! This is an educational moment. If you know the image shared, please keep it to yourself. ***

One of the many things I hear about essential oils is, “I can’t afford them.” 

It makes me cry & hits me at my soul. I know how hard it is to make my own personal health a priority with real value. Especially in a world that continues to lose value for life. It hard to believe our wellness is more valuable than our house or our cars. {However, the Affordable Health Care Act is about to show us how valuable after the new year ;( }

I also know how hard money is to come by. It definitely doesn’t grow on trees. Today’s economy has not been forgiving & the economic climate is in limbo making changes still yet to be clear in our view. 

And I also know what it takes to make a pure, 100%, essential oil. It is more than choosing between a well used car & a nice new designer car. It’s a difference between meeting ones wellness goals & priorities, or inflicting further harm. Yes, harm! Which is the opposite of what one usually desires when they decide to try essential oils. 

Here’s an example of the difference. I don’t brand bash. So if you know this company, please keep it to yourself. 

I want to take a moment here to give props to the company for being honest & transparent by listing their ingredients. They could have been misleading. 

You see the fine print? “…6 pure and natural therapeutic essential oils.” 

Now read the ingredients. What do you see? Water is the first ingredient, meaning it is the largest constituent of this product. That can be a “natural” product.  

Then “polysorbate 80”. It’s found in many process foods such as fast foods. Arguments from both sides argue it’s safety, but the facts have been very clear that certain individuals with certain autoimmune diseases are very sensitive to this completely synthetic additive. It’s also shown to decrease sexual reproductivity. Long term overuse can cause some harmful side effects. 

It’s not until the third ingredient that you can even potentialy find anything that could be considered an “essential oil”. It’s labeled as “fragrance”, which means it’s not the pure essence of a plant’s life blood, but either a synthetic creation in the lab, or it could be an alcohol extracted part of the plant, or it could also be pre-adulterated essential oil to almost nothing, but the “frangrence” is all that’s left. 

The last ingredient listed is sodium benzonate, which when added to water, which is the first ingredient listed, changes to sodium salt or benzoic acid. However, it’s also a lab created food preservative. You may consume this in processed foods like condoments or sodas or vinger based foods, like pickles. Though considered “safe” by the FDA (The US Food and Drug Administration), the WHO (World Health Organozation) considers it dangerous. There are strong links between food coloring & sodium benzonate interactions to ADHD & more. 

Now, why would a food preservative need to be in an “pure and natural therapeutic essential oil”?  

We know that true pure essential oils have no expiration date. Their shelf life has yet to be found, as they discover many even in tombs they dig up today. This is because a pure essential oil contains the same constituents that help keep the plant it came from safe from disease & infection. However, to mimic that when one is trying to cash in on what they believe is a trend, the next best thing is a preservative. 

I don’t know this company personally. They are only legally required to list ingredients that are more than 2% of the total product. They may be honest & have listed them all. Or there could be a few not listed that fall as 2% or less. 

Either way, if one was looking to make a true change in their wellness journey, this product & the billions like it (i.e. shampoos, lotions, fast & processed foods, etc..) would offer no step up. Not even a bandaid. It’s simply would offer one a placebo effect at most, because lets face it, we like things that’s smell good! And most of us don’t know the difference between a truly 100% as God made it natural scent from a lab created synthetic one anymore. But our nose does! {That’s a whole other blog for another time…}

Placing value on a product is about your personal goals, more than the actual price to create the product. However, it’s clear that cheaper is cheaper for a reason. The myth that quality doesn’t mean more money is proven wrong yet again in this educational moment. If you want a full bodied, truly pure, unadulterated, “therapeutic” essential oil, you will have to consider a few things:

Is the essential oil created in a lab or from actual plants? Were the plants treated with chemicals & toxins, which also effect the soil the plants grows in? Was the essential oil taken from the whole plant, the seeds, the trunk, the flower…? Thus, like an orange making orange juice… how much of this part of the plant did it take to make an entire bottle of pure, unadulterated, essential oil? Did they fast distill or slow distilled? Was it distilled in stainless steel or bad for you aluminum? …

Therefore, the cost is the very first indicator of wellness & abundance or bandaids & good smells pleasant to the nose when it comes to essential oils. There are only so many plants world wide & they all take time to grow. The great news… it’s your choice! What’s important to you? 


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