Young Living Thieves Cough Drops

PAfter finding a truly effective Halls cough drop in amazing grape flavor, made in Japan, unavailable to US customers, I’ve been a cough drop snob. 

Knowing that there is relief that’s not sugar coated, not made with bad after tasting ingredients that leave your mouth feeling like you’ve not brushed your teeth in weeks, I made it a personal mission to boycott American cough drop companies without health & healing at their core. 

I’ll be honest, I settled into Fisherman’s Friend who’s long history intrigued me despite their company & ingredients origins. They were GF & Kosher. They didn’t leave a major film over my mouth & I only used them in absolute desperation. Let’s face it… they’re a acquired taste! 

Then this summer Young Living Essential Oils introduced their new Thieves Cough Drops. I, of course, am the forever skeptic … even with a company I am sold to. Experiences outweigh the hype for me. 

Now, I don’t tend to use things I don’t need… so it wasn’t until last night that I needed a cough drop. WOW!!! These Thieves Cough Drops are not only effective, they truly do soothe the dry scratchy throat, which calmed my cough, without sugar or without a filmy coating. And the taste wasn’t an acquired taste or a sweet fruity one. And since they’re not made in a base of synthetic honey masked with synthetic natural flavoring, you could actually enjoy the experience. 

And … and… I only needed 1 drop to help me sleep through the night instead of 2-4! One! One was as effective as 2-4 of my other experiences 🙂 

A natural, organic production of moisture occurred within my throat & mouth without causing post nasal drip (due to synthetic menthols) like most other experiences I’ve had. My nose actually calmed down too so I could sleep! They don’t dissolve instantly like some, but slowly making it a perfect balance for my needs. 

I’ve just never experienced such a naturally occurring balance between body & cough drop! These are amazing!!! 

Made of all natural ingredients from a company with an outstanding reputation for true health & wellness, with over 20 years experience! 

I didn’t think I would… but I do! I really like these Young Living Thieves Cough Drops!


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