Oola: Finding Balance In An Unbalanced World…?


You want real resolutions? You want real success? You want really baby steps? You want truth? (I always feel like screaming the infamous line, “you can’t handle the truth!”, but I believe you absolutely can handle the truth, so I won’t scream it.) 

I want to share Oola Life! Have you heard of Oola? Do you have Oola? What is your Oola? Is it really possible to find balance in an unbalanced life? It appears so!

How many years now have you made a, just one, New Year’s Resolution? How many years have you succeeded at accomplishing your resolution to its fullest? May be you are more like me, and you just gave up on making them all together…?

There are these two dudes going around in a sticker covered bus that share the “Oola Life” with others, sometimes even helping others accomplish their dreams. “Dr. Dave (OolaSeeker) and Dr. Troy (OolaGuru) are renowned experts in a proper work-life balance.” (straight from their website at OolaLife.com)

They have recently done a webinar, which you must make time to hear their pitch. They do a fantastic job! It is a bit lengthy & takes a moment to start, even after ads. It’s only up for a tiny bit longer…. so enjoy! You will not be upset that you made the time! OolaNetwork.com

Finding your Oola is as specific to you as you are uniquely designed. It is not a faith of its own chasing down some hypothetical existence in the realm of the immortals. It’s an addition, a boost, to your current faith, your current life, whatever that might be. It’s about fulfilling your purpose in life. About being the best you can be. About success in all areas of your life. … all seven of them: Fitness, Field, Finances, Faith, Family, Fun, & Friends.

I read their book this summer: Oola: Finding Balance In An Unbalance World on a cross-country trip to Miami with the family 🙂 Great stories & inspiring. Personally, I related to many of their stories… especially that of the Oola Seeker! But the meat of their mission is in the Oolapalooza they offer in a 2 day event in Vegas! The webinar is a mini- mini session 🙂

What I love about Oola, is more than I can share in words… because it really not about the paper, but about the actions, the decision, the choices we make to banish & knock down oola-blockers and live a full life. I love that it’s not one annual goal, but 21 of them! It’s about goals in seven key areas of your life and balancing that with life as it happens. I love that it is about making SMART steps to reaching your goals: specific goals, measurable goals, accountable goals, realistic goals, and time demanding goals. I love that they have found a real way to draw it out for you & I to make a goal, and then make action steps to actually accomplish your goals… to reach your dreams!! And when you are balanced, success, peace, joy, happiness, health, servitude, … the good fruit shows!

If nothing else, scroll down to the Oola Wheel and see for yourself just how balanced or unbalanced you are… Step 1. Fill out the little bit of info and do the little wheel. It will give you an Oola Score. Mine was bad: 276… lowest one in our family. (“Lucy, I can explain!”)


A few of my favorite quotes from the webinar:
“If you are working for payments, you are not working for your purpose.”
“If finances are under control, then you are free to live your life.”
“If you are not working on your marriage, you are working on divorce.”
“Can’t have an Oola life without having a bigger purpose for your life.”
“If every Monday hurts your heart, you’r in the wrong job and not serving your purpose.”

What are your 21 goals for 2017! There are 52 weeks in a year, with 365 days…

“All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage!” Go life your Oola today!


Even better, the company I love heard about Dave & Troy and their mission. Gary Young was so passionate about what they were doing and how it aligned with so much of what Young Living represented, that they paired up to make 7 (9) Oils that help you to make your goals more tangible and beat those oola-blockers and make them oola-boosters!

Here is m moment of frankness… and pure honesty… I struggle with the scent of Family 🙂 One of my biggest blockers and my biggest booster! For me, faith & family are balanced, are my first steps, as they are the most important too me. How about you?



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