A Bowl Full Of Lemons Made Me Lemonade

Not that catchy of a title, eh? But SHE did!  Yes I said, “she” is also the blogger over at A Bowl Full of Lemons, & she did!!

* * * * * * *

I consider myself a natural “organizer”. I like clean & tidy with one requirement: it has to serve me. Meaning, it has to be effective & efficient. I don’t want to spend my life as a seeker, or an angry seeker if the moment is demanding. Toss in some kids, a husband, and a diabetic  old dog… I don’t have time to be looking for that set of keys, that lost container lid, or that one cord to that one thingy that makes my kid sit down for a moment so I can tinkle without any helpful hands in the potty.

Jumping dogs!! I have a large bag/purse that I literally have a decorative plastic shoe box in the bottom of it, minus the lid, so my multiple little mini bags of “stuff” stays neatly organized & I can just whip out a magical sucker, find my keys, all while skirting along on icy pavement back to the car with more snacks! (How do little people consume so much food?!!)

So an impromptu leave the house without the kids, & tag-a-long with hubs, led me to perusing the books at the local Lowes Home Improvement store. Now I love a box full of crayons! The colors draw me in & the smell lifts my soul. I am also a reader. So imagine seeing a book with bright colors & a tidy OCD like picture on it? Sucked me right in!

My immediate thoughts were, “oh.” – yes I was all deflated – “another Pinterest book.  Another ‘how to organize your life but it won’t really offer any thing actually substantial in helping.'” …. I still thumbed through it…

“Wait…. Hold the phone! WAIT! Not another Pinterest book! This looks & feels legit!” So I paid way to much for this handy book & immediately took to reading it. The Complete Book of Home Organization, by Toni Hemmersley.

Now I have read a number of “self help” books on many topics & pride myself on organization. I even read Kon Marie’s book … twice! Some may think I’ve mastered this organization, decluttered, life skill. I however, disagree. And I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve. And though Kon Marie’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing was a fun read & made me all giddy… AND I spent 3 days in my closet tossing all kinds of things that lacked joy or didn’t fit … I wasn’t compelled to go much further. However, her logic greatly reduced my senseless buying! She did win in that department of my life. Even the adorable, big blue,  puppy dog eyes of my adorable angelic kids, cannot move me to swoon over then & buy more legos or tiny cars.

Toni Hemmersley’s one book, brought me to the “Oola” I had been seeking in my home. She actually even mentions Kon Marie’s method for a few things specifically (ironically in the closet/clothing). However, it’s the short & sweet to-the-point, logical explanations & then a weekly challenge for each section of the home (less the electronics… which I need a real how to guide on corralling those!) that won me over. I am loving the more “homey” touches I have been able to implement and the efficiency! The efficiency…. I am definitely no longer a “seeker” and moving into the full “guru” status 🙂

What makes The Complete Book of Home Organization different? REALISTIC -PRACTICAL – REAL PEOPLE – ideas with actual ideas!! It’s truly a guide without so many definitive walls & rules. She’s clear about the guiding points so you’re not seeking what works for you,she tells you why to consider it!  She even used real life people with their before & afters, each unique organization sytles to meet that individual’s needs. The beauty is that anyone can actually implement what works for them! It was like taking my thousands of pins on Pinterest & giving them clear sharp focus.  I even found myself actually looking up some of her ideas to change what I thought I mastered over to this beautiful more simplistic & to the point idea… such as DVD collection & organization.




I have tried before to implement the “zones” in the kitchen before with much failure. I have a flow but I always had this nagging feeling it could be … better. Somehow, Toni Hemmersley got it right with my head & “stations”. I have so much more room as I got the “stations” in place. My husband even says it all makes more sense … it’s just all in one place! The same man who can’t notice a new hair cut…. 

It’s all easier to control the natural clutter & clean up…. I hate the 1 hour clean up before bed to have it still look “lived in”. Yes, I’m a neat freak, magazine picture perfect, white glove year home dweller 🙂 

I am a toss between a want to be minimalist, tiny home owning, simple life gal & a large Italian farm-house on a vineyard & personal garden with an awesome wine cellar & library kind of lady.

I won’t lie… it will take some commitement and you will have to say to yoruself that is is ok to let it go… maybe haver your daughter or neice sing you the Disney Elsa song of the decade, “Let it go! Let it go!”…. I mean, sure it was a gift,… but have you ever used that mug for any purpose? Not even to gather up pens & pencils? Let it go!

Either way… this book is not about departing with the excess, but learning how to evealuate your belongings in a manner that they will all serve you instead of you serving them. It has already eliminated so much… stress, wasted time… excess… gluttered corners, trip you up doorways, and more! I have a home, not a shell of a home we store our stuff in 🙂  I’ve got my magic diffuser potion going & I’m making us a happy home!

How about you?    Seeker or Guru?


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