Death by Plastics? 

I am by no means an expert or a scientist in a lab. But I’m passionate about knowing the truth, even if I disagree with it. 

One of the challenges I’ve proposed to my  Genesis 1:29 team of #wellnessandjoy seekers is to evaluate & eliminate the toxins from their lives. 

One of those toxin culprits is the excessive plastics we use. From car seats (good use of plastics) to the ziplock baggies we toss daily, food storage, shopping bags, water bottles, disposable meal prep…. Plastics, like many other necessary less desired options, has a time & place. I’m grateful for much of it with kids in my life. We don’t call the tot “Hull Smash” without reason 🙂 

Though most  plastics today are BPA free, thanks to the debacle over the Nalgene bottles back in 2005-2006. The Nalgene  was the first big bust to mainsteeam society that plastics weren’t the safe alternative they were first thought to be. A full generation later, & many studies that have since been removed from the internet to prevent mass hysteria as the internet has exploded, we are now acutely aware of how plastics have invaded our vitality & wellness. 

BPA has been linked to many common things today: ADHD/ADD, Autism, Thyroid issues, obesity… an independent study (yes it’s removed. I’ve tried that link 100 times too) showed sexual orientation reversal in lab rats! (Animal sexual mechanisms are not identical to humans, but when added to other trend studies, BPA has shown a very positive correlation.) BPA was considered a cornerstone to building plastics. It was literally in everything! 

So imagine you’re a mom of the early 1980’s – mid 1990’s where you took baby formula from a container lined with BPA lining, that after sitting in a hot truck & hot warehouse has already leeched some of that BPA into the formula product it contains. You then place the formula in a BPA made plastic bottle, toss it into a microwave, where BPA from the bottle leached into the already compromised formula, then feed it to the baby as their sole source of nutrition over & over for months… maybe even a year if your baby didn’t get any teeth until later in infancy (snuggled up in his/her flame retardant sleeper) as their bodies & brains undergo massive development. 

Infants tested consistently with what many consider lethal levels of BPA in their systems in every early BPA study/research. …. that’s just the beginning…. 

We have since been informed plastics often contain the hidden sister BPS which is also a building block of plastic. BPA/BPS have been found to interrupt neurons in our brains & work like estrogen in our bodies & one of the largest endocrine system disrupters; eventually leading to a number of cancers. BPA has been stated to potentially alter over 200 genes, aka: gene mutations!!! Your Genes!! And not the kind you wash in the laundry.

Then flame retardants, yes fire resistance is added to a lot of plastics … so you can use the microwave & dishwasher. Let that sink in… 

“And as plastic breaks down, it can absorb many dangerous toxins more easily, such as damaging pesticides like DDT, PCB and PAH.” The lower the quality grade of plastic, the bigger concern it is,… such as regarding that warped margarine tub & then cleaning it in a dishwasher, after you microwaved your leftovers.  Which means each microwaved & dishwasher washed plastic that goes to work, farms, to picnics, camping, etc… or sits in a hot truck, in a hot warehouse, etc… things are being leeched into the consumable products & absorbing its surrounding environment. Pesticides are the worst predators of endocrine disruption & cancers!

So here is me, also doing the challenge & reassessing our drinking vessel issue… Before:

Now I remove all plastics:

So much more space too!!! Yes . We kept the plastic draw & lids for on the go. We also use mason jars for most all our at home beverages 🙂 

Fun quick video showing our plastic consumption & the overaching environmental dangers.!po=9.21053


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